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Cade = A short form of Cadell.
Cadell = Battler. Of martial spirit.
Cadman = Warrior.
Cadmus = Man of the east.
Caeden = Spirit of war. Warring Ethos.
Caelan = A form of Nicholas.
Cailean = Young Wolf.
Cainan = Decendent of adam. Spear.
Calder = Brook. Cool clear spring. Caldwell = Cold stream.
Caleb = Heart. Messenger.Dog.Bold.Staunch. Calhoun = From the narrow woods.
Calton = Coal Town.
Calvert = Herdsman.
Calvin = Bald one.
Camden = Feom the winding valley. Cameron = Crooked nose.Awesome. Energetic. Excited. Bent nose. Name of a country/place. crooked stream. Cameroon = Name of a country/place, crooked stream, crooked nose.
Campbell = Wry mouth.
Canute = Knot.
Cardew = From the black fort.
Carew = From the fortress.
Carey = From the castle.
Carl = Manly. One having pride and strength. Charles.
Carlin = Little champion.
Carlisle = Of the walled city.
Carlo = Manly.
Carlos = Strong and manly.
Carlton = Carl's Town.
Carmichael = Of Michael's stronghold.
Carney = Warrior.
Carr = Marsh dewller.
Carrick = Of the rocky headlands.
Caris = Love and Peace.
Carroll = Champion.
Carson = Marsh dweller's son.
Carswell = Dweller at the water-cress spring.
Carter = Cart driver.
Carvell = From the estate in the marshes.
Carver = Woodcarver.
Cary = From the castle. Name of a place
Pleasant stream.
Casey = Valorous. Watchful.
Casimir = Herald of peace.
Casper = Treasure.
Cass = Herald of peace.
Cassidy = Ingenious.
Cassius = Vain.
Caster = One who casts.
Castor = Beaver.
Cathmor = Great warrior.
Cato = Wise.
Cauveriranga = Lord Ranganatha.
Cavell = Bold.
Cayden = Spirit of war.
Ceasar = Hairy child. Long-haired.
Cecil = Blind.
Cedric = Battle chieftain. Gift of splendour.
Celeste = Heavenly.
Cephas = Rock.
Cesar = Long-haired.
Chacen = Huntsman.
Chad = Warlike.
Chadburn = From the wildcat brook. Chadwick = From the warrior's town. Chaim = Life.
Chaitanya = Energy. Vitality.
Chaithra = First month of the year. Chaitya = A buddhist or jain temple. Chakor = A bird.
Chakradhar, Chakrapani = Vishnu wearing Charkra (Wheel)weapon. Chakravak = A bird.
Chakravarthy = King. Emperor. Chakresh = King.Emperor.
Chakshu = Eye.
Chalavanth = A determined person. Chalmers = Son of the overseer. Chalukya = A king.
Chaman = Joy.
Chamaraj = A king.
Chamarajendra = A king.
Chamatkar =Cleverness.Skill. Wonder.
Champak = A fragnant flower. Chanaksha = Chanakya.
Chanakya = A clever man. Wordlywise person. Author of 'Arthasastra',Book on Economics and Political science.
Chanchal = Unsteady.Moving
to and fro.
Chandan = Sandalwood.
Chandira = The moon
Chandler = Candle maker.
Chandra = Moon .
Chandra Chood = One wearing Moon as jewel on his head. Shiva
Chandra Kanth =Moonglow. Moonstone. A kind of crystal. Son of sage Yagnyavalkya.
Chandra Mohan = Beautiful Moon
Chandra Sekhar = One wearing Moon as jewel on his head. Shiva
Chandrabanu = Son of Sri Krishna and Satyabama.
Chandrabh = Moon light.One of the manus in jain mythology.
Chandradev = A king.
Chandradhar = Shiva.
Chandraditya = A king.
Chandrahas = A person with a beautiful smile.
Chandrakiran = A ray of moonlight.
Chandrama = The moon
Chandranath = Moon
Chandraneel = A blue gem.
Chandraprakash = Moon light.
Channakeshav = Vishnu.
Channamallikarjun = Shiva.Akkamhadevi's God.
Channing = Knowing.
Chanrasmey = Brightness from the moon.
Chapin = Chaplain.
Chapman = Merchant.
Chardeshna = Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna.
Charles = A man. Manly.
Charlie = Cutest boy.
Charlton = Farmer's town.
Charuchandra = Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna.
Charuchit = Person with beautiful mind.
Charudehi = Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna.
Charugupta = Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna.
Charuhas = Person with beautiful smile.
Chase = Hunter. Huntsman.
Chasen = Huntsman.
Chatham = Soldier's land.
Chatrapathy = King.
Chatur = Able.Efficient.Competent.
Chaturanan = One with four faces.Brahma.
Chaturbhuj = Vishnu.One with four hands.
Chaturmukh = One with four faces.Bramha.
Chaturvedi = Who has studied the four Vedas.
Chaturvyuh = One with who personifies in four arrys.Vishnu.
Chatwin = Soldier's friend.
Chaudary = Surname.
Chauncey = Chancellor.
Chayank = The Moon
Chayapathi = The Sun.
Chayce = Huntsman.
Chaz = Form of Charles.
Cheluva = Handsome.
Chemdat = beloved of, desired of
Chen = Great.
Cheney = From the oak forest.
Chester = From the army fort.
Chetan = Mind.Athma.Soul.
Chetananand = Bliss.
Chetas = Mind.Heart.
Chetty = Surname.
Chidamber = Whose heart is as vast as sky.
Chidanand = Supreme happiness. Chidathma = Supreme spirit.The God.
Chidruph = Knowledge.Incarnate.
Chiduku = Little one.
Chilton = From the spring farm.
Chinmay = Pure intellect.One with intelligence and wisdom.
Chinmayananda = Pure happiness.
Chintak = Thinker.One who thinks.
Chintan = Thought.
Chiradeep = Eternal lamp.
Chirag = Lamp.
Chiranjeevi = Person blessed with long life. Chirantan = Everlasting.Endless.Ancient. Chitrachap = Rainbow.
Chitrakanth = Pigeon.
Chitraketu = Sri krishna's cousin.Uddhava's brother. Chitraksh = One with beautiful smile.
Chitranad = The Sun.Name of a Gandharva. Chitrashwa = Another name of Sathyavan. Chitravahan = Father of chitrangade(Arjuna's wife). Chitravahu = The Sun.Name of a year.
Chitrayudh = A king.
Chittamohan = Person with beautiful mind.Who attracts the mind.
Chittaswaroop = The supreme spirit.
Chittatosh = Happy.
Chittesh = Lord of the mind.
Chittranjan = Who pleases mind. Pleasing.
Chong HWA =Straight Fire (Korean).Beautiful Flower (Chinese).
Chowdary = Surname.
Christian = Follower of Christ.Annointed.
Christion = Strong and Attractive Appearance.
Christopher = Christ-bearer. One who belives
Christ. With Christ inside. Bearing Christ.
Chuck = Manly.
Cian = Ancient.
Cicero = Chickpea.
Citadel = A fortress on a high ground i.e. protecting and dominating.
Clarence = Famous. Brighrt. Name of a place.
Clark = Scholar, Surname.
Claud = Lame.
Clay = Of clay. Surname, Clay-pit worker.
Clayborne = Born of clay.
Clayton = Surname, Name of a place, Clay-pit site. Town at the clay beds. Clement = Merciful. Kind.
Cleon = Famous. Cletus = Summoned. Cleveland = Cliff land.
Cliff = Cliff.
Clifford = Name of a place, Near a slope. River crossing at the cliff.
Clifton = Town by the cliff. From the hill farm.
Clinton = Name of a place, Surname, Near a hill.
Clive = From the cliff.
Clodagh = Sparkling Star.
Clyde = Heard from a far.
Cody = Helpful.
Colbert = Brilliant seafarer.
Colby = Dark. Dark haired. From the dark farm.
Cole = Dovekeeper.
Coleman = Dove, Peace. Dovekeeper. Colin = Child.
Collier = Miner.
Collin = Dove, Youth.
Colston = Name of a place, Surname. Colton = From the dark town.
Columbus =From the Italian explorer.
Conan = Intelligent.
Condon = Dark. Wise one.
Conlan = Hero.
Connar = Wise. Praised.
Conner = High desire.
Conrad = Wise counselor.
Conroy = Wise one.
Constantine = Firm. Constant. Conway = Hound of the plain. Cooper = Barrel maker.
Copper = Surname.
Corban = Gift for God.
Corbett = Black hair. Raven.
Corbin = Raven-haired.
Corcoran = Of ruddy complexion.
Cordero = Lamb. Lamb of god.
Cormac = Champion.
Cornell = Horn-coloured.
Cort = Wise counsellor.
Corwin = Raven.
Cory = Surname.
Corydon = Lark.
Courtland = Of the court's land.
Courtney = Of the court.
Cowan = Of the hillside hollow.
Craig = From the crag.
Crandall = From the valley of cranes.
Cranley = From the crane's meadow.
Cranston = Of the crane's town.
Crawford = From the crow ford.
Creighton = From the creek town.
Crispin = Curly-haired.
Crispus = Given name of Crispus Attucks, black hero of the American Revolution.
Crofton = From the fenced farm.
Crompton = From the crooked farm.
Cromwell = From the winding spring.
Crosby = Dweller near the cross.
Cross road.
Culbert = Brilliant seafarer.
Cullen = Handsome.
Culver = Dove.
Curran = Champion. Hero.
Curt = Courteous.
Cuthbert = Famous. Brilliant.
Cutler = Knifemaker.
Cyncere = Dedicated acheiver.
Cyndal = The moon.
Cyprian = Man of Cyprus.
Cyril = Lordly. From God.
Cyrus = Sun. (Cyrus The Great. Established the Persian Empire. When that empire got weak after 2500 years. Alexander The Great defeated it, and established The ROMAN EMPIRE.)
Caitlin = Pure. Variant of Katherine.
Caitrin = Form of Catherine.
Caledonia = The old latin name for Scotland.
Calida = Warm and loving.
Calina = Warm & Loving.
Calista = Most beautiful.
Calla = From the African plant, the calla lily.
Callum = Dove.
Calvina = Feminine of Calvin.
Cambria = The latin name for Wales.
Cameo = A carved gem.
Camilla = Attendant on the Gods.
Camille = Free-born. Noble.Young ceremonial attendant.
Cammie = A short form of Camille.
Camryn = Crooked nose.Awesome. Energetic. Excited. Bent nose. Name of a country/place. crooked stream.
Canada = After the commonwealth of
Candida = Pure. Bright.
Canace = Child of the wind.
Canadace = Pure glowing. An ancient hereditary title used by the Ethiopian queens (like Caeser used by Roman emperors).
Candice = An ancient hereditary title used by the Ethiopian queens
Candida = Pure. Bright.
Capri = For a child born under the sign of Capricorn. For the island near the Bay of Naples.
Cara = Beloved.
Carensa = Love.
Cariluna = Mix of Carina + Luna.
Carita = Charitable.
Carla = Fem form of Carl. Feminine of Charles.
Carletta = Strong & Womanly.
Carley = Feminine form of Charles.
Carlota = Petite or feminine.
Carmel = God's vineyard.
Carmem = Garden.
Carol = Feminine form of Carl.Form of Carolyne. Joyous song.
Caroline = Feminine of Charles.
Carolyne = Feminine form of Charles.
Carrie = Little and womanly.
Carys = Love.
Caryn = Pure.
Caryus = To Love.
Casey = Courageous.Valorous. Watchful
Cass = Herald of Peace.
Cassandra = Helper of men. The Trojan prophetess. Unheeded prophetess.
Cassaundra = A prophetess for humankind.
Cassie = Star Light. Star Bright.
Casta = Pious.
Catherine = Pure.
Catlina = Pure.
Catalina = Pure.
Catriona = Pure.
Cecilia = Blind.
Cecily = Love and Happy. Blind.
Celeste = Celestrial, Heavenly.
Celia = Blind.
Celina = Moon.
Ceres = The Roman Goddess of the harvest. Cerise = Cherry.
Cerys = To love.
Chanchala = Unsteady. Goddess Lakshmi. Very active.
Chanda = One of the names assumed by Sakti, "the great Goddess".
Chandana = SandalWood.
Chandini = Moon Light.
Chaandini = Moonlight.
Chandra = Moon
Chandramathi = Name of Harischandra's wife.
Chandrika = Moonlight.
Chanel = Name of a famour perfume. Chanmundeswari = Durga.
Chantal = Stony place, Name of a place.
Chantelle = Song.
Charissa = Grace. Kindness.
Charity = Esteem.
Charlene = Strong. Womanly.
Charlese = Princess.
Charlotte = Feminine of Charles.
Charmaine = Little song.
Charu = Beautiful.
Charukeshi = One with beautiful hair.
Charulata = Beautiful creeper.
Charumathi = One with beautiful mind.
Charunetra = One with beautiful eyes. Chausiku = Born at night.
Chava = Life-giving.
Chaya = Feminine of Chaim. Shadow. Surya's wife.
Chellryn = Earth Witch.
Chelsea = For the place name in London or NewYork. Landing on river, Name of a place.
Chelsi = Name of a place.
Chenoa = White dove.
Cher = Beloved, Dear.
Cherie = Dear one.
Cheryl = Feminine of Charles.
Cheyenne = A tribal name.
Chetana = Energy. Consciousness. Chintamani = A gem which is believed to give whatever asked.
Chiquitta = Little one.
Chirdrupi = Various forms. One of the names from Lalitha Sahasranamam.
Chitra = Painting. Picture.
Chitrakala = Arts of Eternal Knowledge.
Chitralekha = Beautiful picture. Friend of Urvashi. Friend of Usha.
Chloe = Fertile. Young maiden. Goddess of agriculture. Blooming. Young green shoot.
Chloie = Variant of Chloe.
Chloris = The Goddess of flowers.
Choodamani = Jewel worn on head
Christabelle = Beautiful Christian. Christina = Follower of Christ.Annointed.
Christinna = Follower of Christ.Annointed.
Christean = Feminine form of christian.
Christine = Feminine of Christian.
Ciana = Feminine form of John.
Ciara = Dark.
Cicely = From a Roman clan name.
Cierra = Black.
Cindrella = From the fairy tale. Clair,Clare = Bright. Shining.
Claire = Clear, Bright, Brilliant.
Clara = Bright. Shining.
Clarabelle = Bright and Beautiful.
Clare = Clear. Shinning.
Clareta = Clear, Bright, Brilliant.
Clarissa = Made famous.
Claudia = Feminine of Claudius. Lame.
Clelia = A legendary Roman heroine. Clematia = Vine.
Clementine = Feminine of Clement. Cleopatra = Of a famous father.
Clorinda = A name coined by the Italian poet Tasso.
Clothilda = Battle maid.
Clover = From the flower clover.
Clytie = Splendid.
Cody = Helpful.
Colette = Victorious.
Colleen = Girl. Maiden.
Columba = Dove.
Comfort = Aid.Comfort.
Conception = Beginning.
Concordia = Harmony.
Connie = A familar form of Constance.
Consolata = Consolation.
Constance = Constancy. Firmness.
Consuela = Consolation.
Cora = Maiden.
Corabelle = Beautiful Maiden.
Coral = Sea coral.
Cordelia = Jewel of the sea.
Coretta = Maiden.
Corin = Lion.
Corinne = Maiden.
Corinthia = From the Greek city of Corinth.
Corliss = Good-natured.
Cornelia = Feminine of Cornelius.
Corryn = Lion.
Cosima = Feminine of Cosmo.
Courtney = Courtly. Courteous. Peaceful.Mischievous. Name of a place.Surname.
Cressida = Golden.
Crispina = Feminine of Crispin.
Crysella = Dark beauty.
Crystal = Brilliant. Pure. Ice. Bright.
Curyn = Lion.
Cy = Baby girl.
Cynara = Perhaps from the Aegean island of Zinara.
Cynthia = A greek God. The Goddess of the Moon.
Cypria = From the island of Cyprus.
Cyra = Feminine of Cyrus.
Cyrena = The water nymph.
Cyril = From god.
Cyrilla = Feminine of Cyril.
Cytherea = A title assigned to Venus from the island of Cythera, her supposed birthplace


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